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Letter to Sarasota County Neighborhood Services Re: Mowing

Latest update: At today's meeting at Frutiville Library, Spencer Anderson of Public Works stated that four of the five Lake Sarasota locations listed by Public Works were not relevant and would be removed from the list. (The four were: Luzon Way, Hand Road, Lago St. and Mauna Loa Blvd.)The fifth location is one bit of turf near the end of Jarvis Rd. at 6268 Molokai. The County had been paying a contractor to mow it, and will cease, if the Commission approves the plan. A public hearing is Aug. 24, and anyone may speak. If approved, the new plan with fewer rights of way mowed by county contractors (especially in Sarasota Springs) will begin Oct. 1.
Update: Some clarification this afteroon from Public Works: The target for our effort is the small amount of space between private properties and their adjacent local or residential roadways.  I've attached a draft exhibit illustrating these areas. In general most residents already maintain these areas, as is done in Lake Sarasota, but…

Have questions about gardening? Food? Pests?

Lake Sarasota residents with questions about plantings, gardens, bug control, mulching, growing food, native species, etc. may find a useful resource in IFAS Sarasota, the local branch of the state's extension service that offers a library and consultations to residents for agricultural and gardening needs.

From their site:

UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County is a partnership between Sarasota County, theUniversity of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), and theUSDA. Our mission is to translate research into community initiatives, classes, and volunteer opportunities related to our three program areas: food systems, water and environmental resources, and youth and community resource development. Part of the national Extension system founded in 1914, we provide practical education to build a better future. View a timeline of our history.
AddressUF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County
Twin Lakes Park, Green Building
6700 Clark Road
Sarasota, FL 34241Phone941-861…

Bee Ridge Update: Saturday work east of Wake

Crews to work Saturday, July 23, east of Wake Avenue.

Paving to begin at Iona Road


Bee Ridge Update - median landscaping and more


Gator warming

An alligator is blamed for the death of a medium-size dog around July 4th at Lakeview Park. Though there were no witnesses, some disc golfers were out playing in the afternoon with their dog, a sort of medium-size ridgeback, when it disappeared. The man returned later with a kayak and found the dog floating in the lake. Dog owners and parents are advised to be very careful - keep dogs on leash near Lake Sarasota.

Updates from the County

Dear Lake,Welcome to Sarasota County's community e-newsletter. If you have questions, ideas for articles, or feedback relating to this newsletter, contact us atcommunications@scgov.netCelebrate Park and Recreation Month in July Get ready to discover your superpowers this July with Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources and the National Recreation and Park Association. Check out the Friends of Sarasota County Parks as well! Volunteers needed now for disaster
response roles
Sarasota County Health and Human Services is continuing to recruit a team of volunteers to manage and run Volunteer Reception Centers during a time of disaster. Tidy up with Pinecraft/Sarasota Springs and Southgate Community Cleanup Keep your home looking spiffy by taking part in the Pinecraft/Sarasota Springs and Southgate Community Cleanup,

Bee Ridge: Trees going in median - no work July 4

Drivers advised to exercise caution as landscaping crews will be installing trees in the median in the coming week.