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Park spraying to begin

Sarasota Parks and Rec will spray canals in Lakeview Park today with Sonar A.S. (Floridone) to reduce weeds and other clogging vegetation. Some info on the herbicide here.
In about four weeks, the weeds should be sufficiently reduced that volunteers can have a clean-up day, picking up trash and removing debris.
After that, a plan to balance water in the canals and lake will be implemented.

Help Needed with the Biz Directory

Help! We need help passing out flyers to let people know about the Lake Sarasota Business Directory. If you can volunteer to pass some of them out please contact:         Sandy Allen (941) 321-5582 Sandy has done a tremendous amount of work getting the directory put together and could really use your help to distribute the flyers.  Even if you can only volunteer for 1/2 hour, please do so.  It will help!!! Bill Pitts

Business Directory Update

Here's a clarification from Chairman Bill regarding the Business Directory:
BUSINESS DIRECTORY--The deadline for putting an ad in the Lake Sarasota Business Directory is MARCH 15TH, 2009.  The directory is still a "work in progess," but basically it will be a brochure with copies of business cards that have the names and phone numbers of businesses in Lake Sarasota that choose to be listed in it.  IT WILL NOT BE CONNECTED TO ANY WEB SITE, NOR WILL IT BE ON THE BLOG. It is anticipated that we will distribute approximately 1000 copies of the directory in Lake Sarasota if 80 to 100 businesses sign up  Sandy Allen has done a lot of work already and is anxious to hear from those of you who have already indicated a desire to be listed in the directory, but have not paid to do so.  The cost is only $20 to place your card in the directory, which I am sure you will agree is very inexpensive advertising.  If you are able to get one piece of business as a result of the ad, it will mor…

February General Meeting Report

A brief summary of tonight's meeting:
1. Treasury: Ellie reports a total of $907, which include $260 received for local residents who wish to be in the business directory.
2. Renee will be visiting three more Yards of the Month.
3. Ted has four new volunteers and will be holding a 30-minute Citizens Patrol training session at his house within the next week or two. Email him if you wish to join.
4. Changes to the Mauna Loa entrance brought several responses:
Tisha asked whether the county will move the trees and Ligustrum that are in the first median. She is willing to move and take care of the small plants until a place for them is found.Ray and Connie noted that there is a proposal to extend Mauna Loa North to connect with Welch Road, which in turn would connect with Porter. This has implications for more traffic at the intersection, they noted.Those in attendance expressed the hope that the proposed concrete separator can be made to look attractive through the use of plantings, brick…

Changes to the Mauna Loa Entrance

A brief summary of where things are at so far:
Because HealthSouth is adding a 20-bed facility that will increase traffic at the intersection at Bee Ridge, an additional left-turn lane is required at the south side of the intersection, adding a third lane to Mauna Loa Blvd. for a left turn onto Bee Ridge.

The flagpole will be relocated to the next median -- how this will be paid for remains to be determined.A concrete separator is required for safety. It is expected to be 4" high, and 3-4 feet wide.The separator must have no structures for the first three car lengths. After that, spaces for plantings are possible. It is also possible to consider stamped, colored concrete (to look like brick) or other pavers for the front end.If there is an interest in further embellishment of our entrance (e.g., walls instead of the signs we have there now), the expense would fall to the neighborhood. The ideal time to do this work would be during the alteration of the traffic lanes.
This will be di…

Housing in 34241

Lake Sarasota real estate as of today - 

LSCG Meets Tuesday

The next general meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 10. The agenda includes: 
Mauna Loa Entrance changes
Update on park initiatives
Treasury Report
Traffic concerns
Citizens Patrol
Yard of the Month
Whatever else needs to be discussedAlso, ReHabitat is still working on the home on Samoa and can use volunteers. Sign up here.