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Special Home Alarm Offer

A special home alarm offer is available to residents of Lake Sarasota. You'll find details in message 21 in the Lake Sarasota Newsgroup.

If you haven't already joined the group, it's quite simple: First, create a Yahoo account -- they're free -- then join the group here.


The first edition of the Lake Sarasota Community Newsletter will go out to all residents soon, thanks to Realtor Mickey Schweitzer, who will include it in his regular monthly mailing. If you can't wait, it's available online at our LakeSarasotagroup site on Yahoo. Look under Files.

The text of a flier about the Yard of the Month Program, which is planned to begin in November, has also been also posted to the group files.

Special Beautification Meeting

The Beautification Committee will meet Wednesday evening, Sept. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Laura's house. A contractor will be there to discuss details of a new Mauna Loa entrance to the neighborhood. Those interested, call 377-4710.

Update: Sept. 12th General Meeting

Among the items discussed at the September meeting were these:

Traffic Calming: The County is expected to take action on Oct. 9th on the proposed stop signs along Mauna Loa.Citizens Patrol: George Morgan is seeking people with a couple of hours of free time every other month to participate in a citizens patrol. If you are interested, call George at 377-4437 or email him at next Beautification Committee meeting is Oct. 5. If you are interested, contact Tisha.A "Yard of the Month" program is planned to begin in November, pending a grant approval from the County.The group voted to join CONA - The Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations.
The Beautification Committee is working on a design for the Mauna Loa entrance sign. Debbie Marks said the County will pay for the permit for the sign.
A Fall Festival is being planned to help raise neighborhood awareness - no date set yet.
The next General Meeting is on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. at Saraso…

Lake Sarasota Community Group

A newsgroup has been set up on Yahoo for the use of residents of Lake Sarasota. Go here to join:

Click to join lakesarasotagroup

Update on the Bee Ridge Corridor

The Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee (BRNC) consists of
representatives of all of the homeowner associations whose properties
lie along Bee Ridge Rd. east of I-75: Bent Tree Village, Bent Tree II, Laurel Lakes, Laurel Meadows, The Hammocks, Laurel Oak, Heritage Oak, Misty Creek, Gator Creek and Lake Sarasota.

The committee has been monitoring county planning regarding several projects for the area:
a proposed Publix shopping center at Bee Ridge and Bee Ridge extension;development of park facilities at Rothenberg Park;a nearly 1500-unit affordable housing project proposed for Iona and Palmer;an FPL solar panel project at Rothenberg Park;road plans - including designating Bee Ridge a corridor, which would coordinate its widening with landscaping features such as berms and sidewalks;public transportation along Bee Ridge;the one-cent sales tax and other funding issues;other potential commercial development and roadwork.The committee in its current form has been meeting for a few months, and …

September General Meeting This Tuesday

The next general Lake Sarasota Community Group meeting will be on September 12th at the Sarasota Baptist Church, 7091 Proctor Road, at 6:30 p.m. Committees are still forming. Come for updates on beautification, the Yard of the Month selection process, traffic calming, the Bee Ridge expansion, Community Patrol, and more.

In addition, Realtor Mickey Schweitzer will be on hand to discuss trends and issues and to make a special announcement.

Helping Hands

Members of the Beautification Committee removed about 100 blocks standing at the entrance to Lake Sarasota Saturday in preparation for a re-do of the entrance. A new sign is being designed, and will be accompanied by new landscaping -- set back from Bee Ridge Rd., to avoid bruising from (and to) vehicles.

A few helping hands

This saturday, Sept. 9 at 7 a.m., join Tisha, Judy, Peter, and Mark in dismantling the blocks at the Mauna Loa entrance to Lake Sarasota. These members of the Beautification Committee will be storing the blocks while working on a design for a new sign at the entrance to the neighborhood. It shouldn't take more than an hour - the more hands, the more quickly it will go. Info: 377-4710.

Welcome Wagon

A note from Lake Sarasota resident Diane McDonald:I am looking forward to welcoming the new neighbors of Lake Sarasota. I want to get started and know that there maybe some others that would like to work with me. I am going to go around to the businesses in the area to see if they may donate gifts for a basket presentation. I also am interested in getting some of the Lake Sarasota "Bakers" in the area to donate fresh muffins, cakes, brownies, etc. In the past 3 months there have been 18 new families. I'm anxious to get started. Thank you for your support, Diane.If you would like to work with Diane, contact her via email ( or by phone: 308-3885.