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From Sarasota County Emergency Servicees:

April 28, 2009 — Swine Flu update
The Sarasota County Health Department has activated its Flu Information Line, 941-861-2800 with recorded information about swine flu. It will be updated regularly.

Good Morning: I have attached a press release from the Florida Department of Health regarding the Swine Influenza:


TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Health is actively monitoring the current swine influenza situation in California, Texas and Mexico. Currently, there are no known human cases in Florida.
The Florida Department of Health is proactively responding to this event by enhancing surveillance and monitoring efforts for influenza across the state. The Florida Department of Health, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has the capability needed to detect novel influenza viruses.

Since influenza season is winding down, any influenza oc…

Rothenbach Park: Sarasota's Newest Park


Noise Abatement for Lake Sarasota?

It appears that FDOT is looking into the possibility of putting up a noise wall to buffer Lake Sarasota from sound coming from I-75. A hearing was held in February, and another will be held on May 21, at St. John's United Methodist Church, 6611 Proctor Rd. Open House at 6 p.m.m, Presentation at 7 p.m.

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Feedback on the Yard Sale

A note from Sandy:

Hi, everyone!
I'm looking for feedback on the garage sale.  What did you like about it?  What could we do better?  How did you do? Please take a moment to email me your thoughts.  Every comment helps make the experience better for everyone. Thanks! Sandy Events Director Lake Sarasota Community Group

Post-Disaster Planning: April 27, Twin Lakes Park


Daycare in Lake Sarasota?

We've been asked whether there is a daycare in Lake Sarasota that anyone knows of and can recommend. Please either reply in the comments here or to

Update from the Chairman

Residents of Lake Sarasota: Considering the weather we had a great turnout for the meeting on Tuesday, April 14th.  We discussed many subjects of interest to residents of our community. One thing of concern was the fact that there were 4 more instances of thievery in March than there were in February.  Please keep your garage door down if you are in your house, and please do not leave bikes, toys etc. on your lawn.  There are definitely thieves out there that are looking for a chance to steal something of value.  If you would like to be part of the neighborhood patrol, please contact Ted Cover at 379-0758.  The Yard Of The Month program director, Renee Pitts would like to hear from more of you with nominations for Yard Of The Month.  Please call her at 371-3988 with your nominations. Tomorrow is the Community Yard Sale.  You can pick up a map for the sale at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge at 8:00 tomorrow morning.  For those of you participating in the sale, we will be around tomorrow morning to…

Highlights of the April Meeting

A few key points from the April General Meeting:

Ray and Connie will have tables containing donated items at the Yard Sale on Saturday, April 18th. Stop by their place (3951 Marlborough) if you're out looking, as all money will go to the LSCG funds.

Plans are afoot for a Lakeview Park rededication following last week's superb clean-up and the installation of a pump to re-fill the canals. Look for further details soon. Thanks again to the 58 people who came out and did a tremendous job, including quite a few of the Sarasota Sky Pilots. And thanks to the county for their help with all.

Ted is looking for folks to sign-up for citizens patrol, and is working with the Sheriff's Office to address certain crime patterns in the area.

Speaking of crime, there is an open case developing around an alleged drug house on Lancaster Drive. There is also a warning to dog owners that a pit bull on Lancaster has attacked other dogs being walked on that street.

Yard of the Month will select three…

Meeting Tonight

The Community Group meets this evening and should hear updates on several initiatives, including the Lakeview sump pump installation, the business directory, the yard sale (this Saturday, April 18th), and more.

"More may include discussion of the Mauna Loa Walkway - if you have an opinion, come and voice it.

Lake Sarasota Baptist, 7 p.m., Room 100.

April 18th Garage Sale

Here's the map for the next Lake Sarasota Garage Sale, coming up on April 18th - contact Sandy by Tuesday, April 14th at to get listed (a $2 listing fee will be collected on the day of the sale):

View Lake Sarasota Garage Sale in a larger map

Bee Ridge Road News

As Lake Sarasota's Mauna Loa entrance undergoes reconfiguration, other changes along East Bee Ridge Rd. are pending: a new Publix will open soon, out near the extension, and on April 25, the county will dedicate Rothenburg Park with a picnic, 10 am to 2 pm.
See also: SCOPE focus group focused on Bee Ridge.

A message from Ray and Connie

Ray and Connie organized the park clean-up (and brought the food) and to them a great debt of gratitude is due, as it is to all who came out on Saturday, pitched in, and made Lakeview Park a healthier, safer (from fires), cleaner place. Here's an email from them:
Hi Guys, The park clean up was a huge success! Connie ran a tally of the sign in sheets and arrived at a total of 58. We served 65 sandwiches.  Some of our hungrier helpers had two but several preferred just having water. Our attendance included several people that don't reside in Lake Sarasota. Some were here all the way from Manatee County. Some were here from surrounding neighborhoods that use the park to walk their dog, play disc golf or just enjoy the beauty & nature of the park. It amazes me when I see what can be done in a very short period of time when neighbors join forces for a common cause!
Thanks to everyone that joined in to help! 
Ray & Connie
Also please note: 
Ray has a metal leaf rake & a pair …

Scenes from the Lakeview Clean-Up