A message from Ray and Connie

Ray and Connie organized the park clean-up (and brought the food) and to them a great debt of gratitude is due, as it is to all who came out on Saturday, pitched in, and made Lakeview Park a healthier, safer (from fires), cleaner place. Here's an email from them:

Hi Guys, The park clean up was a huge success! Connie ran a tally of the sign in sheets and arrived at a total of 58. We served 65 sandwiches.  Some of our hungrier helpers had two but several preferred just having water. Our attendance included several people that don't reside in Lake Sarasota. Some were here all the way from Manatee County. Some were here from surrounding neighborhoods that use the park to walk their dog, play disc golf or just enjoy the beauty & nature of the park. It amazes me when I see what can be done in a very short period of time when neighbors join forces for a common cause!

Thanks to everyone that joined in to help! 

Ray & Connie

Also please note: 

Ray has a metal leaf rake & a pair of pliers with blue handles that were left behind. If anyone is missing any items, or finds they have an unexpected addition to their tools, they can contact Ray and Connie at 371-1180.


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