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County to discuss cut in spending on Bee Ridge Project

This email comes from the Bee Ridge Neighborhood Committee, which has been instrumental in making the case that Bee Ridge Road deserves a fully landscaped, buffered treatment when it is widened:

There will be a County Commissioner hearing on Thursday, September 2, beginning a 1.30 PM. The meeting will discuss allocations of Surtax 3 money to various projects including Bee Ridge Road construction and other budget matters.  I will attend  and urge other committee members to attend . Joe O'Hara  will probably attend as he recovers from knee surgery. The meeting will be held at the County Administrative Building downtown on Ringling, probably at the 3rd floor meeting room. Public comment at the Surtax hearing is generally not allowed, but later a Public comment period is usually provided. to allow people three minutes each to comment on  anything discussed on the whole agenda. We have been advised that our allocation could be reduced  about ten percent ($2.2 Million) to reflect the saving…

Mobile Health Services to Offer Free HIV Testing

Mobile health services offered at 15 county sites and at two special events in September In September, the Sarasota County Health Department's Health In Motion Mobile Medical Unit staff will provide its regular health services at 15 sites around the county and will participate in two special events.

The special events are free HIV testing as part of the National Aging and HIV Awareness Day and National Gay Men's HIV-AIDS Awareness Day public health campaigns.

To encourage testing in adults over 50 years old, free HIV testing will be available from 9:30 a.m.-noon on Friday, Sept. 17, at the Senior Friendship Center, 2350 Scenic Drive, Venice.

Free HIV testing also will be available during the presentation of the play "Return to the Mineshaft" at the Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, 25 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota. That event, scheduled from 6-9 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 26, is part of the National Gay Men's HIV-AIDS Awareness Day campaign.(MORE)

Can Parks Help the Local Economy

There's evidence that parks bolster tourism - click for more.  Then consider the cumulative benefits of having a world-class rowing facility in a Sarasota Park, one that will draw competitors and their fans from around the state, the region, and eventually the world. Parks are good for people, and because they are, they're good for the economy.

Rebates for saving energy

Program offers homeowners rebates for energy saving improvements Homeowners can get rebates and low-interest loans to upgrade their properties with energy saving technologies under a new Get Energy Smart Retrofit rebate program. The program is being offered by Sarasota County and the cities of North Port, Venice and Sarasota. (MORE)

July Sheriff's Report for Lake Sarasota

Apologies for delay in getting this posted. The information from the Sheriff was obtained by Ted, who organizes Citizens Patrol.
Here's how the July, 2010 Sheriff's Dept. Report for Lake Sarasota breaks down:

There were 18 total incidents:  3 burglaries, 2 juvenile disturbances, and 13 thefts.

The following streets were involved:Berkshire (1 incident), Brentford (3 incidents), Fiji (1 incidents), Friendship (2 incidents), Jarvis (1 incident), Lancaster (1 incident), Malden (1 incident), Palau (3 incidents), Parry (1 incident), Rangi (1 incident), Vana (1 incident), Westminster (1 incident).

Half of the incidents occurred during the last ten days of the month.  The other half occurred between the 7th and the 18th.

As to time of day, six incidents occurred between 8 a.m. and noon.  And six incidents occurred between 6 p.m. and midnight.  Three incidents occurred on Mon. the 26th.  On that day there were thefts at 6511 Friendship (9:03 a.m.), 4256 Lancaster (7:04 p.m.), and 6926 Bren…

August Meeting - Free Pizza!

The Lake Sarasota Group meets Thursday at 7 pm. at Sarasota Alliance Church, 7221 Bee Ridge Rd.

Besides the usual agenda items - Citizens Patrol, Yard of the Month, Sheriff's Report, Event Planning, etc. -- there will be free pizza.

But we'll need to have an idea how many plan to attend. Can you RSVP on Facebook, or below in the comment section? Thanks.

Further Dialog on Plans for the Fruitville Quadrants

For those interested in either the Fruitville "Special Planning Area," or in the question of the effectiveness of dialog between the county and the community on critical matters such as planning, growth, and environmental issues, be advised that the County will hold a series of five additional community meetings, each addressing a specific facet of the large plan for that area (basically Richardson Road and the areas in the North and South quadrants East of I-75 at Fruitville Road).

Here's the summary from the County's site.

Tuesday, Aug. 106:30-8:30 p.m. What’s going on and how can I participate in this planning for Fruitville at I-75? 
This session will include short presentations and audience participation on the history of the Fruitville Initiative, the County’s planning processes (rezoning, land use and planning for large land areas), and how residents can participate. This will be followed by discussions on planning options (including charrettes, “transects,” tra…

More reason to be alert

We are receiving unofficial reports of burglaries and attempted break-ins around 3 a.m. on two separate occasions recently. In one case, someone seems to have triggered an alarm when they entered through a partly open window in a garage. In the other, a male suspect allegedly made off with valuable items left in an unlocked truck parked in a driveway.

Both instances took place at houses located at the far end of Mauna Loa Blvd. Anyone with any information should contact the Sheriff.

Anyone interested in becoming actively involved in the neighborhood Citizens Patrol, contact Ted at 379-0758, or email him at

There is discussion of stepping up Patrols and doing late-night rounds.

Come out on National Night Out: Aug. 3, Payne Park

Fight crime at National Night Out 2010 event on Aug. 3
National Night OutNeighborhoods throughout Sarasota County will join thousands of communities nationwide for National Night Out 2010, the 27th annual crime and drug prevention event. The local celebration hosted by Sarasota County and the city of Sarasota is from 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 3, in Payne Park, 2110 Adams Lane, Sarasota.(MORE)