July Sheriff's Report for Lake Sarasota

Apologies for delay in getting this posted. The information from the Sheriff was obtained by Ted, who organizes Citizens Patrol.

Here's how the July, 2010 Sheriff's Dept. Report for Lake Sarasota breaks down:

There were 18 total incidents:  3 burglaries, 2 juvenile disturbances, and 13 thefts.

The following streets were involved:Berkshire (1 incident), Brentford (3 incidents), Fiji (1 incidents), Friendship (2 incidents), Jarvis (1 incident), Lancaster (1 incident), Malden (1 incident), Palau (3 incidents), Parry (1 incident), Rangi (1 incident), Vana (1 incident), Westminster (1 incident).

Half of the incidents occurred during the last ten days of the month.  The other half occurred between the 7th and the 18th.

As to time of day, six incidents occurred between 8 a.m. and noon.  And six incidents occurred between 6 p.m. and midnight.  Three incidents occurred on Mon. the 26th.  On that day there were thefts at 6511 Friendship (9:03 a.m.), 4256 Lancaster (7:04 p.m.), and 6926 Brentford (1:53 p.m.).

Ted adds:
Thieves are getting bolder, and are now smashing in doors.  I demonstrated a device, a bar, that fits under a door knob and directs the force of entry into the floor, preventing the door from opening.  It's called a "security bar", and is available from most hardware stores.  I got mine from the DG store at MacIntosh and Bee Ridge.  They're between $20 and $25.  Also, our residents should lock their homes and cars, keep garage doors down, and set their security alarm systems at night or when away from home.  
Two incidents on Mauna Loa that were reported by residents in August do not appear in the July report.

Ted trans and organizes neighborhood patrols. Wish to volunteer? Call Ted at 379-0758 or email him.


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