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Critters of Lake Sarasota

Tisha looks around her yard:

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A note from Laura

If you didn't get a t-shirt Saturday during the Yard Sale event, we still have some left and will bring them to the monthly meeting. They are $15 each. Proceeds will go towards landscaping and upkeep of entrances, including continued replacement of the flag. (The picture on back of t-shirt is from a Sunshine Gardens ski show in the 50's, when Lake Sarasota was Sunshine Gardens. A bit of the unique history of our community that few people know about.)We extend a sincereThanks to Mickey Schweitzerfor purchasing the T-Shirts as a donation toward our efforts.Our monthly meeting will resume onJune 12 at Sarasota Baptist Church - Room #100 @ 7:00 pm.We plan to have an open forum to discuss landscaping of our medians. Will also have sign up sheets for the following endeavors:Citizen's Patrol
Welcome Wagon
Community Directory
Yard of the MonthHope to see you there !Thank You :)
Laura Mathis

Scenes from the Yard Sale of May 19th

Saturday's Yard Sale brought breezes, love bugs, and beaucoup buyers of muffins, hot dogs, burgers, and drinks. Neighbors signed the petition to keep Neighborhood Services going. We sold some T-shirts, and still have some for sale.

The sale had its share of community spirit, heroes and fun.

Mark made sure the median was pristine after the tents were struck. He's made it a personal mission to keep the medians and crosswalks tidy.

Greeters arrived who, interestingly, waved to those exiting the neighborhood.

Judy brought Isabella.

Dawn was there from beginning through smoky middle to end.

More from the Yard Sale:

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For the upcoming yard sale

There will be tables in the second median at the Mauna Loa entrance to Lake Sarasota, from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

At the tables you'll find:Hot Dogs, Cheeseburgers, DrinksLake Sarasota T-shirts ($15)Committee sign-upsNeighbors to talk with

Want to help? We'll accept baked goods the day of the sale.

If we hear from enough people, we'll do maps of participating homes. We plan to decide whether maps are needed on Friday - please let Dawn know if you're planning to have a yard sale on Saturday.

Coming from somewhere else? Here's a map to our front entrance.

Clearly stated

Lake Sarasota is now clearly posted as being off limits for gas-powered boats. Canoes and electric motors welcome.

Thanks to Phil Horton of Parks and Rec for the signs - and the picture!

May Newsletter, Virtually

If you somehow misplaced, or worse, didn't receive the May Newsletter with news of the Yard Sale on May 19th, and much more, including where to get the instantly classical Lake Sarasota T's, no sweat. Just click on the image and you'll get a pretty legible image of it:

Instant collector's item!

The original, vintage, first of its kind, to be found nowhere else, soon to be legendary, Lake Sarasota T:

A limited number of these fine cotton T's will be for sale near the Mauna Loa Entrance during the Yard Sale, Saturday, May 19th, 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

More images from the picnic - thanks Tisha!

Important Upcoming Dates Updated

A short list of upcoming events in Lake Sarasota:

Thursday, May 17: Citizen Patrol Training, 6:30 - 7 p.m., Lakeview Park Pavilion. Attend this brief training session to become part of this very effective crime prevention endeavor.

Saturday, May 19: Community Yard Sale -- sign up at the Picnic, or email Dawn if you are participating and wish to be listed.

Tuesday, June 12: Next regularly scheduled General Meeting, 7 p.m., Sarasota Baptist.

Saturday, July 28: Second Annual Neighborhood Clean-up, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Perfect for cleaning out the garage. The county will provide a large dumpster by the Firehouse. The Salvation Army might also be on hand to collect usable items.

A few images from Spring Fling '07