Community to discuss proposals for car wash, multi-family housing

TerraCap, the Canadian owner of the property opposite the Mauna Loa entrance to Lake Sarasota on Bee Ridge Rd., voluntarily signed a Covenant in 2014 to work with our community with regard to certain business uses it might wish to include on its 7-acre  property. The land lies behind, as well as both west and east of Racetrac.

TerraCap recently asked whether the community would accept an automated car wash east of Ractrac on Bee Ridge, and multi-family housing behind the service station - both uses are restricted by the Covenant. The Covenant document is here.

Next Thursday, Dec. 6, the community will meet to assess these proposals. A planner working with TerraCap will be present to discuss. Neighbors who live near Bee Ridge might be especially interested in seeing plans and discussing.

Where: Meeting rooms behind Sarasota Alliance Church
When: Thursday, Dec. 6, 7 pm

If you cannot make the meeting but have concerns, share with Keith Russo, LSCG president, at


Fall Meeting of LSCG with TerraCap

The Lake Sarasota Community Group will hold its quarterly meeting on Thursday Sept. 13, at 7 pm at Sarasota Alliance Church, on the north side of Bee Ridge Rd. across from Chaucer. The meeting rooms are to the rear of the church.

The agenda will include:

A representative of TerraCap, the Canadian owner of the land north of Bee Ridge at Mauna Loa, will attend. TerraCap has been approached by a number of businesses seeking sites on its property, and one or more of them could present a potential conflict with the Declaration of Covenant signed by TerraCap in 2014. That document lists a variety of kinds of businesses that might create a nuisance for residents of Lake Sarasota, especially those who live near Bee Ridge Road. The group might be asked to discuss and offer input on these potential neighbors. There will also be an update on the existing developments now on the site. HealthSouth, for example, could be expanding, and Ridgelake, a new apartment complex with something like 324 home…

July 4th Picnic

Lake Sarasota - come out for the July 4 Picnic at Hina Park - where Palau meets Hina Dr.

FREE hot dogs and hamburgers on America's Birthday! What could be better than that? Good neighbors.

We still have plates and napkins and utensils and condiments left over from Fall Fest. If any of you want to bring a cooler and some drinks, that could round it out. No need for sign-up or anything.

4 - 9 pm

Yard Sale, FPL, Fresh Start, Speeding, more . . .March 1 LSCG notes

The Spring community garage sale is set for April 7, It will be advertised in the paper.

We’re planning another neighborhood yard sale for April 7 at 8 a.m. The neighborhood group will place an ad for the community yard sale, but we won’t hand out maps or otherwise organize the event. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to.

In addition, if you have items to sell but don’t want to hold your own yard sale, you can donate them to be sold to benefit the neighborhood group. Feel free to drop them off anytime at 4032 Westminster Drive. Thank you!

FPL update from Keith Russo

FPL had a public forum six weeks ago. Power lines need to be connected. Along 75 between Proctor and Fruitville. 40-80 foot tall power lines.

One option would be straight down bee ridge, another goes along Clark, a third along Fruitville Rd. All end near the Hi Hat Ranch, a 10,000-acre area that is going to be developed in the near future.

Maps and more detail on the three options are here.

We’re going to submit our pref…

Lake Sarasota Meets Thursday 7 pm

This Thursday, March 1:

Everyone's welcome to our quarterly meeting in the main building at Alliance Church at 7 pm:

7221 Bee Ridge Rd, north side of Bee Ridge opposite Chaucer.

Make your voice heard and meet some neighbors!
The proposed agenda:Community concernsVoting to renew our licenseSpring community garage sale dateFresh StartFPL Power line placement on Bee RidgeBus Stop at Allan PlaceThe men of Alliance Church want to know about any needy residents again.Note that the meeting will be in the Main Building.

February 2018

The Impact of Neighborhood Relationships

Social Disorganization Theory was developed in the 1940s by two criminologists, Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay. The modern theory proposes that crime prevention is significantly impacted by our social networks. A willingness of neighbors to trust one another and to intervene in a problem situation can help balance residents when other factors are tipping the scales. In a June 2007 article written for Old Dominion University's Quest, professors Ruth Triplett and Randy Gainey outlined three causes for the impact:

Knowledge of our neighbors gives us the feeling that we have a responsibility to watch out for them.
This same knowledge tells us when someone is out of place or something inappropriate is going on.
Caring neighbors are more likely to agree upon common problems and work together to solve them.
We've recently engaged in multiple conversations about a grassroots desire to form or strengthen neighborhood organiza…

Fall Fest this Saturday!

Pot luck picnic! Improved games! Fun activities for the entire neighborhood! Get together with your neighbors and have a good time at the Pavilion in Lakeview park, near the boat ramp and restrooms.
Bring an item if you can, or a game, or advertise your business. You'll find the sign-up here:

Meeting Thursday, Yard Sale Saturday

1. LSCG open meeting Thursday, Nov. 9th. 7 pm. Alliance Church.

2. Community Garage Sale: Nov. 11th 8 am-2 pm. No signup, no maps, but you can put up signs with your address. Please take them down afterwards.

You may donate to the LSCG Community Improvement Fund by dropping off items this week anytime at 4032 Westminster Dr.

Proceeds from all items will go directly into the community coffers for improvement projects.

County Updates

Dear Lake,Welcome to Sarasota County's community e-newsletter. If you have questions, ideas for articles, or feedback relating to this newsletter, contact us at communications@scgov.netIRMA STORM RECOVERY UPDATES Despite the rain last week that affected operations on multiple days, more than 45,000 cubic yards of vegetative storm debris was collected from Sarasota County roadways. This represents the largest weekly total to date and approximately 18 percent of the total estimated debris in the county. Two trucks can be seen here simultaneously emptying their loads at one of Sarasota County's debris management sites.  Collection of storm debris from Hurricane Irma is more than 60 percent complete More than 60 trucks help clear vegetative storm debris on a daily basis, and operations continue to run seven days a week, weather permitting.Citizens can track the progress of vegetative storm debris collection in Sarasota County through the Debris Pick-Up Status Map. The map is update…

County Updates - Sustainability Workshop

Dear Lake,Welcome to Sarasota County's community e-newsletter. If you have questions, ideas for articles, or feedback relating to this newsletter, contact us at communications@scgov.netIRMA STORM RECOVERY UPDATES Close to 100,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris have been cleared from the roadways in Sarasota County during the past 30 days. The debris contractors, including the drivers, machine operators, debris monitors and support staff are working seven days a week, often from sunrise to sunset, to help Sarasota County clear the vegetative storm debris. Cleanup of the vegetative storm debris for Hurricane Irma continues to make progress Contractors entered four new zones this past week. Citizens can track the progress of vegetative storm debris collection in Sarasota County through the Debris Pick-Up Status Map. The map is updated daily based on collection progress and scheduled start dates are subject to change.Sarasota County opened four debris management sites throughout the …