A note from Laura

If you didn't get a t-shirt Saturday during the Yard Sale event, we still have some left and will bring them to the monthly meeting. They are $15 each. Proceeds will go towards landscaping and upkeep of entrances, including continued replacement of the flag.

(The picture on back of t-shirt is from a Sunshine Gardens ski show in the 50's, when Lake Sarasota was Sunshine Gardens. A bit of the unique history of our community that few people know about.)

We extend a sincere Thanks to Mickey Schweitzer for purchasing the T-Shirts as a donation toward our efforts.

Our monthly meeting will resume on June 12 at Sarasota Baptist Church - Room #100 @ 7:00 pm. We plan to have an open forum to discuss landscaping of our medians.

Will also have sign up sheets for the following endeavors:

Citizen's Patrol
Welcome Wagon
Community Directory
Yard of the Month

Hope to see you there !

Thank You :)
Laura Mathis


Anonymous said…
I'm an avid runner who is relatively new to the neighborhood, am currently logging 6 miles per night and think we could do a better job of keeping our cars OUT of the bike lane and OFF the sidewalks. Also, it would be great to run and not worry about unleashed dogs, which seem to be plentiful around Lake Sarasota....some VERY agressive. I cannot be at the meeting this time but would like these subjects discussed.

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