County to discuss cut in spending on Bee Ridge Project

This email comes from the Bee Ridge Neighborhood Committee, which has been instrumental in making the case that Bee Ridge Road deserves a fully landscaped, buffered treatment when it is widened:

There will be a County Commissioner hearing on Thursday, September 2, beginning a 1.30 PM. The meeting will discuss allocations of Surtax 3 money to various projects including Bee Ridge Road construction and other budget matters.  I will attend  and urge other committee members to attend . Joe O'Hara  will probably attend as he recovers from knee surgery.
The meeting will be held at the County Administrative Building downtown on Ringling, probably at the 3rd floor meeting room.
Public comment at the Surtax hearing is generally not allowed, but later a Public comment period is usually provided. to allow people three minutes each to comment on  anything discussed on the whole agenda.
We have been advised that our allocation could be reduced  about ten percent ($2.2 Million) to reflect the savings the County is experiencing in bidding  construction projects. We indicated in letters to Commissioners that we would prefer to see no reductions until those savings are confirmed through actual bidding.


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