A bit of Lake Sarasota history

Lake Sarasota is at the lowest water level it's been in quite some time. 

(Note: the water pumped into the canals has nothing to do with the depletion -- we just need rain.)

Rougly 56 years ago, when it was Sunshine Springs and Gardens, the lake looked like this:

And here's a view of the canal and resort that was built to attract buyers here in the mid 1950's:

The video moves back and forth between Cypress Gardens and Sunshine Springs and Gardens. About 4:01 minutes in, you see our lake, and at about 4:15, the concrete grandstand that still can be seen at the lake, but here it's bright white, as is the sand that rings the lake:

If you know anyone with more footage or photos or other recollections of the early days of Lake Sarasota, please get in touch with us at LakeSarasota@gmail.com.

Thanks to Winter resident Beany for pointing us to the canal photo and the video.


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