Highlights of the April Meeting

A few key points from the April General Meeting:

Ray and Connie will have tables containing donated items at the Yard Sale on Saturday, April 18th. Stop by their place (3951 Marlborough) if you're out looking, as all money will go to the LSCG funds.

Plans are afoot for a Lakeview Park rededication following last week's superb clean-up and the installation of a pump to re-fill the canals. Look for further details soon. Thanks again to the 58 people who came out and did a tremendous job, including quite a few of the Sarasota Sky Pilots. And thanks to the county for their help with all.

Ted is looking for folks to sign-up for citizens patrol, and is working with the Sheriff's Office to address certain crime patterns in the area.

Speaking of crime, there is an open case developing around an alleged drug house on Lancaster Drive. There is also a warning to dog owners that a pit bull on Lancaster has attacked other dogs being walked on that street.

Yard of the Month will select three new yards for April shortly.

There's a plan to organize a community turkey pot luck dinner, possibly the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


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