Update on the Bee Ridge Corridor

The Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee (BRNC) consists of
representatives of all of the homeowner associations whose properties
lie along Bee Ridge Rd. east of I-75: Bent Tree Village, Bent Tree II, Laurel Lakes, Laurel Meadows, The Hammocks, Laurel Oak, Heritage Oak, Misty Creek, Gator Creek and Lake Sarasota.

The committee has been monitoring county planning regarding several projects for the area:
  • a proposed Publix shopping center at Bee Ridge and Bee Ridge extension;
  • development of park facilities at Rothenberg Park;
  • a nearly 1500-unit affordable housing project proposed for Iona and Palmer;
  • an FPL solar panel project at Rothenberg Park;
  • road plans - including designating Bee Ridge a corridor, which would coordinate its widening with landscaping features such as berms and sidewalks;
  • public transportation along Bee Ridge;
  • the one-cent sales tax and other funding issues;
  • other potential commercial development and roadwork.
The committee in its current form has been meeting for a few months, and has posted summaries of its meetings here.

The reports are brief but contain much information. Anyone interested in the widening, landscaping and development along Bee Ridge Rd. east of the highway will find the committee's reports of interest. It next meets on Oct. 20th, and Lake Sarasota will be represented.


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