Changes to the Mauna Loa Entrance

A brief summary of where things are at so far:

  • Because HealthSouth is adding a 20-bed facility that will increase traffic at the intersection at Bee Ridge, an additional left-turn lane is required at the south side of the intersection, adding a third lane to Mauna Loa Blvd. for a left turn onto Bee Ridge.

  • The flagpole will be relocated to the next median -- how this will be paid for remains to be determined.
  • A concrete separator is required for safety. It is expected to be 4" high, and 3-4 feet wide.
  • The separator must have no structures for the first three car lengths. After that, spaces for plantings are possible. It is also possible to consider stamped, colored concrete (to look like brick) or other pavers for the front end.
  • If there is an interest in further embellishment of our entrance (e.g., walls instead of the signs we have there now), the expense would fall to the neighborhood. The ideal time to do this work would be during the alteration of the traffic lanes.
This will be discussed further at tonight's meeting.


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