Business Directory Update

Here's a clarification from Chairman Bill regarding the Business Directory:

BUSINESS DIRECTORY--The deadline for putting an ad in the Lake Sarasota Business Directory is
MARCH 15TH, 2009.  The directory is still a "work in progess," but basically it will be a brochure with copies of business cards that have the names and phone numbers of businesses in Lake Sarasota that choose to be listed in it.  IT WILL NOT BE CONNECTED TO ANY WEB SITE, NOR WILL IT BE ON THE BLOG.
It is anticipated that we will distribute approximately 1000 copies of the directory in Lake Sarasota if 80 to 100 businesses sign up  Sandy Allen has done a lot of work already and is anxious to hear from those of you who have already indicated a desire to be listed in the directory, but have not paid to do so.  The cost is only $20 to place your card in the directory, which I am sure you will agree is very inexpensive advertising.  If you are able to get one piece of business as a result of the ad, it will more than pay for itself.  The back cover of the directory can be purchased for $200. if you are interested in having the biggest and most easily found advertisement.   You can contact Sandy at or call 321-5582 or 921-2137.
[Note: Resident members of our Yahoo Group are welcome to post their business/service info for free in the Lake Sarasota Group Database.]


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