Issues and initiatives

Last night's general meeting, held at Sarasota Baptist Church, addressed a number of issues:

- The group agreed to apply for a Beautification Grant.

- A "Yard of the Month" initiative will recognize one attractive yard per month. All are encouraged to submit candidates.

- Peer-to-Peer Code Enforcement was discussed as a means of upgrading messy properties.

- Debbie Marks and residents will conduct a door-to-door neighborhood survey soon, getting input from residents on traffic calming and other issues.

- The group agreed to look for locations, especially along Mauna Loa, where stop signs might be useful.

- The issue of the Bee Ridge Corridor was introduced. Several residents described the intersection at Bee Ridge and Mauna Loa as unsafe and below par. The County apparently has plans to upgrade Bee Ridge east of I-75, but has not communicated its plan to Lake Sarasota because the community has no formal association.

- It was suggested that County Commission candidates be invited to attend a Lake Sarasota Neighborhood meeting prior to the election.

- It's possible to get a tree from the County for your yard for $50. All you have to do is promise to water it, said Debbie Marks.

- Sarasota Baptist has offered our association use of its meeting facilities on Proctor Rd. for regular use on the second Tuesday of every month. The group agreed to set that as its main meeting for each month. It will continue to meet at other times either at the Pavilion or at the Church as opportunities permit.

- Next General Meeting: July 25th, 6:30 p.m. Place to be announced.


LakeSRQ said…
Why do we no longer have an association? Is this something we can bring back? I am sure this is something discussed at the meetings but I haven't been able to make it yet. I am tired of looking at trash, cars, etc in peoples yards.
tm said…
As I understand it, these meetings are intended to determine if we have sufficient interest to create a new association. The old one apparently was disbanded some time ago.
Candis said…
What happened to the Lake Sarasota sign at the entrance of the neighborhood? Will it be replaced? Have there been any discussions regarding the beautification of the main entrance to the neighborhood? It is pretty run down and unattractive. I am willing to help out with this if it is in the plan.
tm said…
The Beautification committee is working on it. Come out and hear an update at the meeting on Sept. 12, Sarasota Baptist Church.

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