Central Water Approved for Jarvis/Lago Homes

The Sarasota County Commission today approved the creation of a special taxing district to fund the installation of central water lines to 63 properties on Jarvis and Lago in Lake Sarasota. The vote in favor of Ordinance 2007-009 was unanimous.

The ordinance calls for the project to begin in July 2007 and to reach completion in January 2008, at an estimated cost of $388,000. That breaks down to $6,200 per parcel, for an annual assessment of $454 per year over 25 years.

County staff cited a survey that went to the owners of the 63 parcels in 2006. Of the 41 who responded, 80% indicated they wished to have water, according to the staff. At the time of the survey, the county estimated the project would cost "between $4,000 and $6,000" per home.


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