Some updates from Laura

I apologize for the error…. We put in the new Areca Palms and rocks by our entrance signs on Saturday JUNE 23 (not July 23). Funny - that date is a Monday morning, and most of us certainly wouldn't be out planting trees on a Monday morning. Especially me! Ha Ha :)

Thanks to Dawn Steele, Tisha Farrington, Debbie Marks from the county and my husband, Eric, for helping out. Thanks also to Judy Johnson, Mark Blumenthal, and all others who would have been there if they'd known the correct date !

Here's a few more reminders…

JULY 28 (and this date is correct!)
8 a.m. - 3 p.m. "DUMPSTER DAY"
County is providing the huge dumpsters for ease of disposing of larger items. Exact location of dumpsters to be announced.

*Citizen's Patrol: We can now patrol with just one trained person instead of 2 in the vehicle, but still need more volunteers. Please call George Morgan @ 377-4437 if you would like to be placed on the list and if you can attend the next training, which will be in July. George is working on the exact date.

*Lake Sarasota T-Shirts: Please let me know if you would like to purchase a t-shirt. I will be happy to deliver it to you.

We want to re-vitalize the history and identity of our neighborhood. The $15 per shirt will go toward upkeep of our flag and entrances.

Thank You :)
Laura Mathis
Lake Sarasota Community Group


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