From the General Meeting of 9.11

The Sept. 11 general meeting addressed a number of beautification, traffic, and property valuation concerns. In brief:

The first median will be landscaped by a professional -- the cost is very reasonable, the result will be a new flagpole surrounded by plants, boulders, and some Hibiscus trees.

The remaining medians will get trees from the county, but probably not until Spring 2008, in order to make sure the county can meet the need for regular watering.

Those present signed a letter directed to the traffic dept. requesting more stop signs for Mauna Loa.

George Morgan will hold the next training session for Citizens Patrol before the next general meeting, Tuesday Oct. 10. The class will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Sarasota Baptist Church, and is open to any resident who wants to become involved.
The Patrol plans to begin sending out cars on certain weeknights or even weekdays, Morgan added, because crime reports show increasing activity during the week. This might also make it possible for some residents who have weekend commitments to participate, he added.
With tax notices coming and property appraisals that appear not to reflect the current downturn in the housing market, there was some discussion of the potential impact on the community.

Commonly voiced concerns included:

-- Puzzlement over why property valuations were showing increases from the county when sale prices are running 20% to 30% below 2005 levels according to local Realtors.

-- Concern about vacant houses: Apparently there are some homes which have suddenly been vacated by renters or former owners, and the banks or owners have not yet been informed. This can lead to unkempt yards and homes going into disrepair.

-- One suggestion: Invite someone from the Appraiser's office to an upcoming meeting, so that residents can get a better sense of how the county does appraisals, and what we might expect next year.

Finally, the group plans to incorporate in order to set up a bank account. There are no dues, but money is raised from sales and donations.


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