Recap of tonight's meeting

Citizens Patrol:

  • - Sheriff's crime report not in yet (they use snailmail - Ted will see about email)
  • - prime crime days have been late in the week - this might change during the summer, but we won't know until we see stats.
  • - Keep your vehicle in the garage if at all possible - thieves are breaking into parked cars to steal vin numbers and to get garage door openers to gain access to homes.
  • - A child's electric scooter was stolen from a garage.

Community Clean-Up will be Sat. July 25th, from 8 am to 3 pm - with dumpsters at the Fire House (and possibly at the dog park).

LSCG may have a "presence" there - we need to get community input on how to spend the balance of our neighborhood grant, among other things.

Mauna Loa Entrance: The flag pole will probably be moved this week by the developer (HealthSouth) - it will be in the second median. Another sign may be moved by residents.

Business Directory: LSCG commends Sandy Allen for her fine job with the directory, which has received many compliments. Business owners say they've received calls directly due to their being listed.

Lakeview Park:
A representative from Bent Tree addressed concerns of 30 lakeside residents there that the pump installed to circulate water from Lake Sarasota to the canal in Lakeview Park would decrease an already depleted lake, affecting property values, bird and other wildlife habitat, and visual beauty.

Representatives of Lake Sarasota Community Group stated that their estimates show the pumping would have no visible effect whatsoever, and that moving water through the canals will greatly reduce the algae and duckweed in the canals.

A brief discussion led to an agreement to seek a clear determination as to whether the pump would impact the lake in any material way. A separate meeting may be held to resolve the issue between the communities.

Open discussion: There is interest in building a small fund, separate from the LSCG account, which might be available to assist needy families. More on this as it develops.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 14.


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