Update on the Entrance

By now it's not news: As previously reported, HealthSouth Corporation, which is developing the healthcare facility on the north side of Bee Ridge Rd. opposite the entrance to Lake Sarasota, graciously paid the cost of stamped bricks in the new, narrower concrete median at the entrance to the neighborhood:

With the addition of a third, right-turn lane, there have been a few inattentive drivers who go to the right and attempt to make a left-hand turn, despite the new signals indicating what one can and can't do at the intersection. Word to the wise:

The flagpole is now safely (we hope) ensconced in the next median:


Anonymous said…
Another traffic issue in the attention I would like to draw attention to is the stop sign at Mauna Loa and Friendship, near the entrance to the community.

It seems as though I can't look out my window or do work in the yard without seeing someone fly through the intersection without so much as slowing down. I have seen several near rear-endings as well as people almost hit as they cross the road, expecting that the other drivers will stop for them. In one case, a car was stopped at the stop sign and another vehicle actually kept going, went around them and honked their horn at the stopped car in the process.

My hope is that it is just visitors that contribute to these behaviors and not our fellow residents. I would respectfully request that everyone take the stop sign at this intersection into consideration when traveling on Mauna Loa, and please request that your children and visitors do the same.

I understand that the stop sign is relatively new, added in the last few years, and I don't want to re-open the debate as to whether it should even be there or not (it was there before I moved in near it). I would just like to ask that everyone respect the traffic devices that exist within the community to prevent unnecessary damage or injury.
Thanks for your comment - originally there was a wish to put in speed bumps, but the county, faced with budget cuts, stopped supporting them a while ago. Stop signs are only effective if people see the point of obeying the law.
Julian Lockhart said…
This is a really great addition. It's nice that they contributed to the community.

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