Dog Park Patrons Pitch In

A couple of piles of mulch were dropped at the dog park a while ago, and remained there undisturbed, until this morning. After waiting patiently but in vain for it to somehow spread itself, a stalwart group of dog owners Friday morning took matters into their own hands. They brought shovels and pitchforks, rakes and a wheelbarrow, and in between the bantering about Frankenstein parodies and the relative work ethics of men and women, about an hour and 20 minutes later, most of one large pile was spread where there had just been dirt before.

A few images from the entirely enjoyable occasion, with hearty thanks to Kathy, Art, Roxanne, Jenn, Steve, Jim, Dan the Squirrelmaster and Bill for literally pitching in:


Anonymous said…
Good job, but need more info on Dan. A totally fascinating character. Lakeshore is fortunate indeed to have such an individual in their midst. I could tell you such tales ... but space forbids. Please! More on Dan (and Mazie, of course). - Ken Climo & Dennis Kucinich

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