Daylight Burglary

According to an email fowarded from a neighbor, police are investigating a home burglary that occurred yesterday, Feb. 18, on Luawanna. The home was broken into through the front door. A TV and a safe were among the items stolen.

If anyone saw anything or anyone suspicious, please contact the Sheriff's office. Also, if you happen to see any evidence - papers, broken safe, etc., please contact them as well.

This is yet another reason why Citizen's Patrol needs your support. Contact Ted at 379-0758, or email him at


Lauran said…
There was another daylight burglary on Luawana on March 12. My house on Luawana St. also had two bedroom screens tampered with tht same week. I want to encourage all residents to write down license plate numbers of any cars that are not familiar on your steet. Lets be aware of things going on during the day in our neighborhood. I am home just a couple days a week during the day,
but I plan on going for walks in my area. Let's catch these low lives.
KnJ said…
We live on the 3900 block of Berkshire Dr. Last week we left the house for about two hours around noon. By accident, we left a back bedroom window open. When we got home we found our back slider and screen open. It doesn't appear anything was taken, but I know the door couldn't have been open very long since none of our animals got out and they always try... I'm home most of the day and will definitely be watching our neighborhood a lot more closely.

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