Workshop on Identity Theft at Meeting Thursday

The Lake Sarasota Community Group has its regular monthly meeting this Thursday, Nov. 11, at 7 pm. In addition to the regular agenda items, the agenda includes these special items:

  • A report on the results of the Adopt-A-Family Festival, and how to allocate the proceeds (i.e., should we "adopt" one family, or more than one, for the Holidays?)
  • A proposal to do something for a family for Thanksgiving.
  • Any other holiday event planning (e.g., Santa on Firetruck).
  • Citizens Patrol: Sheriff Office reports uptick in incidents.
  • Reminder: Community Garage Sale is Nov. 20th.
  • A Workshop on the dangers of Identity Theft and how to protect yourself. Sandee Rains from -- formerly the Consumer Credit Counseling Service -- will speak. 

All are welcome. The meeting is at Sarasota Alliance Church, 7221 Bee Ridge Rd., just opposite the intersection of Chaucer Lane and Bee Ridge Rd.


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