Lakeview Park Fish Have a Very Merry Christmas

Those of you who know Lakeview Park may be aware that ever since a pump was installed about 18 months ago, the canals have retained a steady water level. This has nurtured a lively population of bluegill, tilapia, a few bass, frogs, wading birds and other creatures.

A few weeks ago, that mini-ecosystem was threatened when the pump gave out. As it's been dry, the water level in the canals began to drop - slowly at first, then precipitously. A plea to the Parks Dept. resulted in an incredibly rapid response. First, a temporary pump was installed to halt the draining. Then, within a very short time, a new submersible pump was installed. The new system is quiet but strong: within 36 hours it brought the water level of the park's entire canal-and-pond system back to where it had been, without appreciably lowering the lake.

To the Santas at Sarasota County Parks and Rec, on behalf of the water creatures, the neighborhood and all who enjoy the park, our deepest gratitude, happy holidays, and a very good 2011.


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