Sheriff Reminds: Lock the Doors

Stop Auto Burglaries: Lock the Doors

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to take one simple step to crack down on auto burglaries: lock the doors.

Auto burglary is a crime of opportunity, with at least 70 percent occurring in vehicles that are unlocked. Typically a thief will enter a community, try vehicle door handles and rummage through the ones they can open. Many times they take loose change, prescription medications, GPS units and other valuables that are inside. They could also take a garage door opener and return to burglarize your home when you’re not there.

“As simple as it sounds, all it takes to significantly reduce auto burglaries is to lock your vehicle and remove all valuables from sight,” said Sheriff Tom Knight. “These common-sense precautions will protect your possessions and stop this crime in its tracks.”

Another good deterrent is a vigilant neighborhood. Residents know who belongs in their community and who doesn’t. If you see suspicious activity, even if you aren’t certain the person is committing a crime, call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number, 316-1201, so law enforcement can investigate. If you hear unusual noises, don’t just dismiss it, call.


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