Report of General Meeting of 9.6.2011

Highlights of tonight's meeting:


[Updated after meeting]: LSCG has $321.09 in its budget, unchanged from last quarter, according to Ellie, who adds, "I believe all required reports have been filed for the year as well."

Bee Ridge Rd Update

Joe O'Hara of the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee provided an informative overview of the history of the Bee Ridge Road Widening from inception to the present. He offered excellent explanations of the key planning and financing hurdles, the timetable going forward, and the things for all residents to watch for.

The current concept is a Low Impact Plan that saves trees, provides ample buffers and water retention, and makes for a safe and attractive gateway.

The main upcoming event will be a Community Review of the initial plans for the road. These are currently underway. A meeting with the Community will be held when they are approximately 30% complete -- Mr. O'Hara said this could take place in December. Keep an eye out -- when we know the date, it will be posted.

Hopefully the residents will also receive notification from the county. Ordinarily only those living within 500' of a project (in this case, Bee Ridge Rd.) would be noticed, but given the significance of this project upon the economic, aesthetic and personal safety of all residents in the area, we are hoping all neighborhoods along the route will be notified via the mail.

Currently the projected completion date for the entire project is the end of 2014, but this could change depending upon a host of variables.


Volunteers agreed to meet at 7 a.m. this coming Saturday, Sept. 10th to spruce up the Mauna Loa entrance. Meet there, and bring clippers, gloves, any other gardening tools you think you'll need.

Sheriff's Report for Lake Sarasota

We will have an update soon on this. Citizens Patrol is always open to new members.

Real Estate

Currently very few homes are for sale in Lake Sarasota. Many of the homes that were on the market last year have been bought up by investors, says Sandy Allen. A number of short sales are pending.

It was suggested that we invite someone from the Property Appraiser's Office to the December meeting to sort out why oiur assessments have gone up in many instances.

Next Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 8, 7 pm, Sarasota Alliance Church.

Yard Sale

The LSCG set the date of November 12th for a Community-wide Yard Sale. This event will be entirely self-organized - i.e., no volunteers will be handing out maps. Ads will be posted on CraigsList and in the Newspaper prior to the day. Homeowners who plan to hold sales should consider putting in their own ads on CraigsList, or putting balloons on their mailboxes, or signs along Mauna Loa pointing to their streets.


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