Roads, Real Estate Up, Beautification at June LSCG Meeting

A good turnout at the quarterly meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community this evening. Here are the highlights:

Median Beautification

A question arose as to when dead trees in the medians would be replaced. Our Beautification Chair will be contacting the county, which had indicated this would be going forward once the rainy season was underway.

Community Safety

Ted reports that there were an unusual number of incidents in April-May, but things have quieted since then, perhaps because a perpetrator was arrested. Ted also described a "block-watch" approach to neighborhood security - more on this if and when it develops. Meanwhile, Citizens Patrol is still active, and folks are advised to lock cars in driveways, and use alarms.

Bee Ridge Improvement on Track

The Bee Ridge Widening has been funded by the County, and construction should begin in Oct. 2013. An important meeting with the Community will take place later this summer - possibly in August - offering residents a chance to get a more detailed look at the plans for the road and the buffering, bike paths, bus stops, etc. Keep an eye on this blog or our Facebook page for an announcement.

Race-Trac at Mauna Loa?

Race-Trac is planning a service station north of Bee Ridge at Mauna Loa (see image here). Those present stated they were concerned about noise and glare, and expressed the hope that if a station should come in, it will be turned away from the road and buffered to reduce glare and noise. There was also concern about increased traffic as cars leave the highway to get gas. If the plans go forward, a community meeting with Race-Trac representatives will be scheduled, and announced to the Lake Sarasota Community.

Real Estate Up

Sandy reports that the pace of real estate sales in Lake Sarasota is up, and so are prices. Thirty-seven home sales are pending or active with contract, and only 10 homes in the subdivision of 1,600-odd homes are on the market. The average home price is up 21.2% in the last three months, she said.

"Most foreclosures have been bought up - I'm seeing families with young kids, taking care of houses," she added. Here's a recent press release on the Sarasota market in general.

Air Potato Pick-Up

Lakeview Park is under siege from the Nefarious air potato. On Saturday, June 23, 9 am, folks armed with gardening tools will strike back. The counteroffensive will take place in the park, near the Petanque Courts, which are right at the bend in Lago Road. There are new trees and bushes there that need rescuing. Please come out if you can, children are welcome. Bring water and sunscreen. More here.

Next meeting: 

Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. The meeting will feature a presentation on alarm systems.

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