Gas Station Locations and Impacts

Thanks to Lewin for some helpful research on location issues with large, busy gas stations. The full article is here.

Good & Bad Convenience Store-Station Locations

Given the impacts and corrective measures described above, an optimum convenience store-gas station location would have the following characteristics:
  • At least 300 feet from the nearest home; or
  • Buffered so the store cannot be seen or heard from the nearest home;
  • For ultra-high volume gas stations, a minimum if 300 feet away;
  • Not within view of historic resources;
  • Away from highly sensitive ground or surface water resources;
  • Accessible by foot and bike as well as cars;
  • Located in a downtown or neighborhood commercial area;
  • Well lit, but not to the point of causing light trespass into nearby homes;
  • In an area with many passersby and few escape routes for criminals; and
  • In an area where the market can accommodate a new store without putting existing ones out of business.


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