Neighborhood Security Update

We received this note tonight from Ted, who monitors Sheriff's reports of crime in Lake Sarasota:
You won't believe the latest crime data for Lake Sarasota! The official Sheriff's Dept. reportshows only three crime incidents for May--two acts of vandalism on Jarvis Road and one juvenile disturbance on Lanai. All incidents occurred on the same day, May 19. The vandalism incidents occurred at 6512 and 6518 Jarvis, and were reported at 8:36 and 9:23 a.m. respectively. The juvenile disturbance occurred at 4219 Lanai and was reported at 10:07 p.m. 
The proximity in time and place of the two vandalism incidents make it appear that they were the acts on one perpetrator. It's interesting that, for a change, all three criminal acts occurred in the western part of Lake Sarasota.
See you on the 27th!


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