Renovations planned for Lakeview Park

It was a surprise to learn that there are some folks who live in Lake Sarasota who are unaware of lovely Lakeview Park which sits right next to the neighborhood, running along Lago Road and Hand Road.

The Sarasota Parks and Rec dept. has decided to make some improvements to Lakeview, and they'll be asking for suggestions, ideas, from the neighbors as well as from those who use the various facilities in the park, including the dog park.

With its canals and old "stadium seating" on the lake, the park has traces of its early days as Sunshine Springs and Gardens, a resort that was in truth an extended marketing event to get people to come see property in Eastern Sarasota County.

The park is also used regularly for two sports that folks of all ages enjoy, disc golf and petanque. The Sky Pilots, a local disc golf club, regularly stages tournaments here. And the Sarasota Petanque Club plays on Sundays and Thursdays, and has a qualifying world championship tournament coming on Nov. 2-3.

If you haven't made it out to the park in a while, now's a good time with the cooler weather. And if you have some thoughts for the County as they make plans for improvements, feel free to share them at We'll pass them along and update when there's news.

Enjoy all Sarasota's great parks!


Anonymous said…
I remember going to camp Hamilton when I was in the boy scouts. I believe that was in the early sixties seventies . lots of fun!!
Yes, the park has a varied history - water skiing, swan boats, boy scouts, horseback riding and now some interesting sports.

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