Neighborhood Workshop Tonight - Monday, Dec. 16th

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: This meeting has been rescheduled for Dec. 16th, 6 pm, Sarasota Alliance Church.

[Former UPDATE: This meeting has been postponed by the developer's agent, citing "an advertising glitch." They are seeking to reschedule for mid-December - stay tuned.]

A second Neighborhood Workshop focusing on a request to rezone a portion of the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce (the land for which the Racetrac and other businesses are planned) has been scheduled. It is to be held Monday, Nov. 25th at 6 pn at Sarasota Alliance Church -- the same building where we hold our quarterly Lake Sarasota Community Group meetings.

A previous meeting with Peter M. Dailey, representative of TerraCap, owner of the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce, was held on Feb. 20th, 2013, and was reported here. Video here.

This new proposal is similar -- a request to rezone a portion of the property, some 8.8 acres, to Commercial Neighborhood from PCD. No explanation for why this is sought has been given.

The proposal differs in two key respects:
  1. The developer has dropped any rezoning of a parcel just west of N. Mauna Loa Blvd. which had been included in the earlier petition.
  2. A third floor residential component has been added, which will raise questions of how many units, and what impact this could have on traffic. Also, new residents might also present an impact on area schools and other services.

More about the new petition:

An image of the Notice from Mr. Dailey regarding the Nov. 25th Neighborhood Workshop is below - click to enlarge.

Note that Workshops give neighboring communities a chance get to ask questions and learn what developers wish to build on vacant properties near where they live.

The Lake Sarasota Community Group will discuss what is learned at the workshop at its Dec. 12th meeting, 7 pm at Sarasota Alliance Church.


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