Uptick in burglaries, thefts of garage door openers

Ted sends along the April crime report:

The April 2014 Sheriff's Dept. crime report shows a sharp increase in criminal activity compared to previous months. I've been afraid that something like this would happen.

There were a total of 13 incidents in April, compared to five or less over previous months. There were two acts of vandalism, five burglaries, and six thefts (auto and building).

The two acts of vandalism occurred at 4129 Wake (Sat. Apr. 19, reported 9:54 p.m.) and 6809 Jarvis Road (Tues. Apr. 29, reported 5:33 p.m.).

Four burglaries occurred Wed. Apr. 9 at the following addresses: 7226 Rangi (reported 2:49 p.m.), 4222 Palau (reported 4:34 p.m.), 3957 Palau (reported 5:09 p.m.), and 4085 Hina (reported 7:00 p.m.). A fifth burglary occurred Fri. Apr. 18 at 4163 Palau (reported 5:04 p.m.).

Two thefts occurred Sun. Apr. 6 at the following addresses: 4006 Hina (reported 12:20 p.m.) and at 4100 Westminster (reported 12:19 p.m.). Tues. Apr. 15 a theft occurred at 4192 Lancaster (reported 7:35 a.m.). Thurs. Apr. 17 a theft occurred at 7312 Mauna Loa (reported 2:08 p.m.). Another theft occurred Sunday Apr. 20 (Easter Sunday) at 7108 Rangi (reported 4:19 p.m.). Fri. Apr. 25 a theft occurred at 6918 Friendship (reported 11:26 p.m.).

The four burglaries in a row that occurred Apr. 9 in close proximity appear to have been committed by one person. Also, they appear to have been carried out in daylight, while the residents were away at work or on errands.

The 13 incidents were spread throughout the month, with the exception of four on one day (Apr. 9). They were also spread throughout the week. This is different from previous months, when incidents were concentrated at the beginning and end of the month. All 13 appear to have occurred during daylight hours, judging form the reporting times. All occurred in the central part of Lake Sarasota. The most number of incidents occurred on Palau Drive (4 total), followed by Rangi and Hina (two each).

A new practice that showed up this past month was for the criminal to break into cars to steal garage door openers for use later in burglarizing the house where the car was parked. I advise our residents not to leave their garage door openers in their cars, taking them into the house. If anyone notices a garage door opener stolen from their cars, after reporting the theft to the Sheriff's Dept., and having the code changed on the door opener itself, or keeping the garage door opener turned off except when actually using it.

The May report will determine if there is an increase in criminal activity in Lake Sarasota.

Ted Cover
Citizens Patrol
Lake Sarasota Community Group


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