July, 2014 Lake Sarasota Crime Report.

There were a total of eight incidents, up from three in June.  I attribute this to school vacation time--young people with time on their hands and mischief on their minds.
There were two incidents of vandalism, two burglaries, three thefts, and two juvenile disturbances.  Vandalism and juvenile disturbances are more typical of young people than career criminals.  Therefore, four incidents are more typical of criminal behavior, and actual crime increased by one.
The two vandalism incidents occurred at the following times and locations:
            7/2    Reported 3:29 p.m.  4114 Westminster
            7/8    Reported 4:01 p.m.  3934 Wake
The burglaries occurred at the following times and locations:
            7/15  Reported 11:40 p.m.    4172 Lancaster
            7/30  Reported 10:49 a.m.    6484 Tarawa
The three thefts occurred at the following times and locations:
            7/2    Reported 10:57 a.m.    4079 Hina    (Bldg)
            7/24   Reported 3:12 p.m.     6366 Bikini  (Other)
            7/26   Reported 8:53 p.m.    7000 Brentford (Other)
There was one juvenile disturbance occurring at the following time and location:
            7/31   Reported 6:31 p.m.    3983 Coleridge
Seven of the eight incidents occurred in the center and east portions of Lake Sarasota.  One incident, a burglary, occurred in the western portion, on Tarawa.
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