Questions, answers and New Board for LSCG

The March 10th meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group was an opportunity to share some information, meet new residents, and ask new questions. Additionally a new Board was elected.

Some questions that were answered: 

1. Waste Management Trucks might be backing up streets like Chaucer, where there is a new cul de sac. According to the County, the cul de sacs should be wide enough to allow even WM trucks to do a three-point turn, so they should not be backing up the street - some people are concerned because of small children playing in the road.
Chaucer Lane is not a circular cul-de-sac. Because of limited right of way, it has been designed as a T, so bigger vehicles may have to make a 3 point turn in order to turn around. There should not be any reason for the Waste Management trucks to back up the street, they should be making a 3 point turn at the end of the street.
(Note: A letter from Lake Sarasota will be sent to Waste Management to follow up) 

2. Update on the plan for the Lake Sarasota entrance sign at Mauna Loa:
The sign will be placed on an easement designed for it when the roadwork is completed. It will be a two-sided sign with "No Solicitation" added beneath the community name.

3. Phases of the Mauna Loa intersection
Mauna Loa intersection will have new traffic pattern next week. NB to WB Mauna Loa will be going over the new pavement via the temporary ramp. This will continue into the beginning of April.

Also, concerns were raised about people racing to beat the light at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge, and how the entrance of Lake Sarasota will be configured - will it have sidewalks all the way to Bee Ridge, will it be elevated to meet the new height of Bee Ridge, etc. A request for specific answers has been sent to the County.

Finally, those present agreed to renew the Lake Sarasota 501c status for another year - at a cost of about $75. The officers for this year are:

Chair: Keith R.
Beautification: Joanne K.
Treasurer: Ellie H.
Secretary: Joy M.M.

The next regular meeting of LSCG is set for June 9, 2016.

Note: While the LSCG is incorporated, it is a volunteer group - It has no dues, fees, or legal powers.


Keith Russo said…
Thanks, Tom and to all those active in the past, present, and future.

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