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Here's the same video that was shown today at the Workshop about Roundabouts at Colonial Oaks Church. We have more than 100 explanatory brochures if anyone would like to have one or share some.

Roadwork update and Roundabout workshop


New Traffic Patterns at Mauna Loa and Gary Player


Open House about Roundabouts March 31


New traffic patterns at Mauna Loa - Roundabout Education


Questions, answers and New Board for LSCG

The March 10th meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group was an opportunity to share some information, meet new residents, and ask new questions. Additionally a new Board was elected.

Some questions that were answered: 
1. Waste Management Trucks might be backing up streets like Chaucer, where there is a new cul de sac. According to the County, the cul de sacs should be wide enough to allow even WM trucks to do a three-point turn, so they should not be backing up the street - some people are concerned because of small children playing in the road.
Chaucer Lane is not a circular cul-de-sac. Because of limited right of way, it has been designed as a T, so bigger vehicles may have to make a 3 point turn in order to turn around. There should not be any reason for the Waste Management trucks to back up the street, they should be making a 3 point turn at the end of the street.(Note: A letter from Lake Sarasota will be sent to Waste Management to follow up) 

2. Update on the plan for the …

Verizon has sold its FIOS system

The new owner of Verizon's FIOS system in our area is Frontier Comm

Frontier's home page.

The deal was done a year ago, but is only being publicly announced now - via Twitter. Some Verizon customers apparently received emails, others have not.

User Actions  Follow Beginning 4/1, your Florida FiOS® services will be provided by Frontier Communications. RETWEETS5LIKES7

Regular LSCG Meeting set for March 10

A meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group is scheduled for Thursday, March 10, at 7 pm in the meeting rooms behind Sarasota Alliance Church.

The agenda so far:

Update on Entrance SignageUpdate on roadwork on Bee RidgeCul de Sac questionRetention Pond questionElection of Officers for Volunteer Board of LSCGNew Business.

A Neighborhood Survey

Sarasota County's Dept. of Neighborhood Services is asking Neighborhoods to tell it what their priorities are. A few minutes will help them better know what they can do for our communities. Click the image to go to the survey.