Highlights of August 8th General Meeting

Tuesday's General Meeting at Sarasota Baptist was well attended. Some highlights:

  • Volunteers are invited to join the Yard of the Month committee. The committee will seek a grant to buy signs to place in yards that are awarded the Yard of the Month designation. Thanks to one resident, the committee now has several prizes to award, including a free haircut and free hair products.
  • The Beautification Committee meets at 6:30 p.m. next Tuesday, Aug. 15th, at 6571 Friendship to organize landscaping the Westminster entrance gate. The wall has already been painted, and the volunteers urge all to drive by and see the improvements. They plan to mulch and plant, as well as to add lettering to the wall. It will read: "Lake Sarasota - East Gate." All interested parties are welcome. Call Debbie if you have any questions.
  • David Johnson was made chair of the Traffic Committee, and is seeking volunteers to join him. A request for several stop signs has been submitted to the County and the committee is awaiting action.
  • A permit to create a new, improved front entrance to Lake Sarasota on Mauna Loa is underway.
  • Debbie Marks and a few residents have begun going door to door to gather responses to a neighborhood survey. It's designed to gather a sense the primary concerns of Lake Sarasota residents.
  • The next General Meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12th, at Sarasota Baptist Church, 7091 Proctor Road. All residents of Lake Sarasota are urged to attend.


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