Local Updates

  • Work on the Westminster Entrance to Lake Sarasota is almost complete, according to the Beautification Committee, which received donations of mulch and plant material. Trees are also planned for the entrance. The committee is looking for volunteers, and always welcomes contributions. To become involved, call Dawn at 377-4710, or email Tisha.

  • The county will be conducting a traffic study on Mauna Loa in the next few weeks, to determine the level of traffic, number of accidents, moving violations and other safety data. Based on that information, a decision about stop signs in Lake Sarasota will be made.
  • The next general Neighborhood Group meeting will be on September 12th. Realtor Micky Schweitzer will be on hand to discuss trends and issues.


Anonymous said…
I live on Middlesex, and have talked with several neighbors here. We are concerned because people go so fast on our road. I have called patrol a few times. They come out and ticket. Then everyone flies again. Do you know if we could get a speed table in the middle of our block?
tom said…
Traffic calming is something many are concerned with. Tables have been discussed - there's an expense involved. perhaps you could bring it up at our monthly meeting - next one is Dec. 12th, 6:30 p.m. - Sarasota Baptist.

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