Two East Sarasota Developments with Potential Impacts

Sarasota County east of I-75 is ripe for development, which will mean changes in roads, density, commercial space, housing and population that could affect property values and the quality of life for all those living along or between Bee Ridge and Clark Roads.

Here a just two of several projects and proposals for the area:

1. From Joe O'Hara, chairman of the Bee Ridge Neighborhoods Committee:
In Saturday's mail I received a notice of a Neighborhood Workshop that I am not sure all of you may have gotten.

It is a meeting to discuss a re-zoning petition within or behind the Bee Ridge Park of Commerce. The entry to the project appears to be from Mauna Loa Blvd--although I can not tell from the plans attached. The meeting will be to discuss the application which will seek to change 36 acres within the Park or immediately adjacent-- from OUE to RMF-2.

The application proposes to build 330 apartments on the 36 acres.

The location of the Workshop is Hampton Inn, 5995 Cattleman 6pm on Tues. 11/7. Please get this out to your residence as quickly as possible. It is imperative we have a strong showing for the first session.

If -- in fact -- the entry is Mauna Loa or any other road accessing Bee Ridge, we MUST prevent this until the County makes an absolute commitment to fund and complete Bee Ridge expansion.

A strong showing will help this objective.

Joe O'Hara
2. County's Proposal to connect Landfill to Clark Road:
Sarasota County wants to make an access road from the Knights Trail Landfill to Clark Road. This road would enter Clark Road near the entrance to Saddle Creek (see map below). Sixteen years ago the county reached an agreement with Saddle Creek stating that the access road to Knights Trail Landfill would only be used for emergency purposes.
The above description is taken from a website entitled Click to go to the site for more information. If you are interested, there's a meeting on Monday, October 30 at Twin Lakes Park at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the proposal.


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