Updates from Oct 10th General Meeting

The Lake Sarasota Community Group met Tuesday evening. Here are some highlights:

The Beautification Committee plans to attach letters to the Westminster Wall on Saturday morning, around 7:30 a.m. This entrance will be basically finished except for some landscaping.

A new sign for the Mauna Loa entrance was on display, featuring the name of the subdivision, a palm tree and a lake. Here's the idea:

Thanks to Debbie Marks, the County has agreed to pay for the sign.

A grant is "all but assured" to fund a Yard-of-the-Month program. Any home that's improved its appearance can be nominated, and winners will be plucked from a hat. The program should begin in November - more on this to come.

Traffic Calming: A county traffic advisory board meets Nov. 13th -- Debbie Marks will let us know if proposed stop signs for Mauna Loa and Jarvis will be on the agenda of that meeting.

Diane McDonald is happy to receive baked goods or small plants, etc., to go into the Welcome Wagon packages for new owners. She's already delivered a dozen or so welcomes.

Code Enforcement:
  • If a vehicle is on county property and doesn't belong there, that's a matter for the Sheriff. Contact Deputies Scott Baker or B. Pollock of the department, 316-1201.
  • If a vehicle is on private property and presents a problem, contact Charlie Marchione at Code Enforcement, 232-5317.
George Morgan is working hard to set up a Citizens Patrol. He would like to get 40 participants - he already has 24. Neighborhoods with patrols see a 30% drop in vandalism within four to six weeks of beginning the patrols, said Morgan. With 40 people involved, it won't take more than two hours a month from anyone's schedule - Friday and Saturday evenings most likely. Email George if you can volunteer a little time. He'd like to get the Patrol up and running by Thanksgiving, he said.

Sheriff Dept. Lt. Thorpe will begin providing monthly crime stats for the area to the Group.

A group of people volunteered to help plan a Fall Festival for the Neighborhood. More about that at the next general meeting.

The next general meeting will be at Sarasota Baptist on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 6:30 p.m.


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