Meeting Update and Upcoming Events

Dimetra McBride from the Forestry division discussed how trees would be most suitable for our medians, would be low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. We can get trees planted and irrigated by the county once we decide on what type of trees and exactly where to plant them. She will be presenting 3 options at our August meeting that could include removing the existing palms. We will be voting on this at the August 14th meeting, so be sure to attend.

We voted to place the new flag at the second median (first median is slated by county to be removed). It may be a month before this happens, as we have to get a new permit and county paid by insurance company from accident.

Sgt Joe Giasone attended to update us that crime is down in Lake Sarasota and he's pleased to see our Citizen's Patrol going.

He did remind us to not keep valuables in vehicles parked outside garage. With budget cuts, we aren't likely to see the mounted horse patrol after October and special units, like his, will be re-distributed to mainly just patrol. You will still be able to email him.

Since the response has been low to form a directory of services offered by residents, we voted to incorporate this idea into our newsletter and do business card style "ads" as an insert. This will go out in August and those who currently requested to be in directory will be at no charge (since they were told it would be at no charge for directory). Future "ads" will be $25 each, with proceeds funding community projects.

Tisha and Judy need your signatures if you want to see
speed tables on Mauna Loa and possibly other side streets.
Contact them @: or

DUMPSTER DAY & MEDIAN CLEAN-UP: July 28th 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Watch your mail for more info.

Please share your thoughts and ideas !
Laura Mathis
Lake Sarasota Community Group


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