Tell us what you think

At the general meeting next Tuesday, July 10, the Lake Sarasota Community Group will ask attendees to help us decide on a couple of issues.

First, as you might have noticed, the flagpole that was at the Bee Ridge/Mauna Loa entrance is down due to a traffic incident. Where should it be placed to avoid future problems? Some think it should go in the second median; others say it would be better placed behind one of the entrance signs to the side of the entrance. Let us know what you think.

Second, a forestry expert from the county will be at the meeting to offer advice on what sort of trees will do well in our medians. We're hoping to learn about trees that will offer a canopy of shade, but not involve too much maintenance. Again, we welcome your input.

Come out on Tuesday at 7 p.m. It's at Sarasota Baptist on Hand Rd.

We'll also have updates on the Neighborhood Clean-up set for Saturday, July 28 - dumpsters will be set up near the Firehouse and near Paw Park on Lago St.

There's more - a report from the Sheriff, Yard of the Month, and ideas for further improvements. We hope to see you there.


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