Briefs from tonight's meeting

Tonight's LSCG meeting, ably chaired by Dan Johnson, addressed the question of what trees to put in the medians. The county is prepared to work with us to finalize a plan, and it's hoped we can do the planting before the Spring rains. Come to our next meeting, March 11, to help reach a consensus. To be better prepared, here are some links from the county's web site:

The March 15th Yard Sale is moving full speed ahead. Sandy Allen ( is in charge of the Map, the hot dogs, etc. Any volunteers contact her. Hot dogs will be sold in the second median from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the day of the Yard Sale. The sale will officially end at 2 p.m., although homeowners are welcome to choose their own closing times.

George plans to hold a Citizens Patrol Training Session on Feb. 25 - time TBA.

We plan to hand out flyers at the Yard Sale with news, contacts, and a heads-up about our April 14 meeting, where we intend to have a special speaker. Make sure to vote in our blog poll on the upper right, and stay tuned.


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