One loud bird

The photo above comes from Lynne, who lives on the lake. If you've been over there recently, you probably heard the bird that sounds like it's being deprived of its dinner, its chicks, its mate, its nest and its pick-up truck. Instead of regaling us with a country music song, all it can do is repeat its raucous lamentation - which is probably not even that -- most of the day, and most of the evening, and most of the night.

Says Lynne:
This is a picture of the culprit. It is a limpkin. They were almost extinct at one time. Sometimes you can hear another one - maybe on the other side of the lake - answering. I think their mating season is Feb-April, maybe that has something to with it. Hopefully, he/she will quiet down soon. I know this has happened before and then stopped.


Anonymous said…
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