Meeting Summary

Highlights of tonight's general meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group (LSCG):

1. The treasury currently has $689.69. The group voted unanimously to thank all those who have contributed to the LSCG, including recent donors Linda B., Dennis W., Barbara P. and Rose D. To these and all who have sent checks to our mailing address, our sincere thanks. Additional moneys were raised through sale of LSCG T-shirts. The mailing address is:

Lake Sarasota Community Group
PO Box 21983
Sarasota, FL 34276

2. A resident asked about the current sidewalk project. He says he remembers original plans called for a sidewalk to run along Lago, connecting Mauna Loa with the sidewalk crossing at Hand Road. He asked why that plan was changed. If anyone has any information, please let us know - or leave a comment below.

3. If anyone knows of a home in foreclosure that is not being properly maintained, please let us know. Renee is keeping track of these and forwarding unresolved cases to Code Enforcement. There is no reason a bank should not be keeping its properties in good condition. According to Sandy, there are currently 38 homes in foreclosure in the subdivision.

4. The county forestry folks have trees for Mauna Loa's medians, but planting awaits final signatures on some legal documents addressing liability and maintenance issues, Laura said. These are hoped to be concluded soon, she added.

5. A new letter about neighborhood traffic calming has gone to the Traffic Advisory Council. It's posted here.


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