Anyone have a spare rain barrel?

Neighbors: We are having a problem with our flowers wilting due to a lack of rain. Tisha has spent a lot of time working on them but she can use some help!

Our landscaper only comes to Lake Sarasota once a week. They water every time they are here, but due to the lack of rain, once a week is not enough.

We need to come up with a rain barrel for both entrances. The landscaper will fill it up when he is here and Tisha has volunteered to try and water the plants during the week when there is no rain. The landscaper has one rain barrel and is dropping it off on Friday. WE DESPERATELY NEED ANOTHER ONE!!

If anyone has one please let Tisha know ASAP. You can contact her at

We are in the dry season now and we really need to take care of the plants to keep them looking good!

If you can contribute a rain barrel it will be greatly appreciated and it will benefit the entire community.

Thanks in advance

Bill Pitts


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