Highlights of October Meeting

A few highlights from tonight's general Lake Sarasota Community Group (LSCG) meeting:

Community Yard Sale

The major community-wide yard sale will be on Saturday, Nov. 29th. It will probably start early, around 7 a.m. Contact Sandy with your information to have your sale pinpointed on the map.

LSCG Election

We will be electing officers for the coming year at our next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 2008. If you wish to nominate residents for the elective posts, send names and whatever contact info you have to LakeSarasota@gmail.com.*

Citizens Patrol

Volunteers are still needed for October - contact Ted

Ted analyzed five months of crime data, and finds:

Open garages invite theft - especially of tools - even during daytime. Close your garage. Also, cars in driveways are being looted - a very expensive GPS system was stolen last week.

The peak area for crime is the 6500-6800 blocks of Mauna Loa. The peak day is Friday, followed by Saturday, Thursday, and Wednesday. Peak times are 3 - 4 pm, Noon - 1 pm, 11 am - Noon. Ted has shared his analysis with the Sheriff and says it might influence Sheriff patrols.

Hina Point Park:

Public Works is looking at the plans and we should hear back from them soon.

Sidewalks along Lago St. 

The status and history of the project is being investigated in order to see whether we can get sidewalks along that section of Lago.

Lakeview Park Water and Canals

There may be a site visit with county personnel in the near future. Those who have expressed interest will be welcome to come along. We first need to determine jurisdiction, as there seems to be some overlap between stormwater, health, and environment.

Few residents are able to make the county's class in November. When we have definite commitments from 10 or more residents (drop a line to LakeSaraota@gmail.com if interested) that group will meet to work out a custom schedule and talk with the county emergency managers about setting up a class for Lake Sarasota.

*Here's the description of the board from our articles of incorporation:

Section 1: Board of Directors (Board)

The Board of Directors consists of the Chairman, Beautification Director, Membership Director, and Treasurer. Board positions will be held for one-year terms. Board vacancies will be filled by a majority vote of the membership and will serve for the unexpired portion of the one-year term. Board members and committee chairpersons may meet at their discretion and, as allowed by law, to plan meetings and make committee appointments. 
The complete articles can be downloaded here.


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