High Points of May 12 General LSCG Meeting

Highlights of the May 12th meeting include:

Mike Pelfrey of the Sheriff's Office listened to concerns about speeding, break ins, and narcotics dealing. He recommended that garage doors be closed and locked at all times; that cars be parked inside garages, and that GPS systems and garage door openers not be visible from outside the vehicle. 

He noted that motorcyclists now can incur fines of $1,000 for doing wheelies. The higher fine is one reason they go faster - to avoid having their plates read.

Anyone who spots a UPS, Fed-EX or other truck speeding is encouraged to get the truck number and report it to the Sheriff. With the number, usually visible on the side of the vehicle, they can track down the actual driver. Mike said he or another member of the department will return to our meeting next month (June 9).

Ted offered a superb report noting a consistent pattern of break-ins to autos and houses on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, especially between 6 - 8 pm and 10 am to noon. He is hoping more people will volunteer for Citizens Patrol at those peak times.

The Business Directories are ready - Sandy is going to locate inexpensive door hanger bags to put them in so they can be distributed. Call her if you would like to help get them out to your block.

Those present got updated on the Mauna Loa entrance issue. Instead of spending $3,000 for stamped bricks, it was asked if it might be possible to paint the concrete once the median is in place. 

Regarding the balance of the Lake Sarasota grant money from the county, Laura indicated she will find out both the total that remains, and what time pressures exist for using it.

Ray updated us on the latest with the project to pump water from Lake Sarasota to the canals in Lakeview Park. He noted that water runs out from the lake into Philippi Creek and out into the Gulf - if this water were recaptured, and redirected to the Lake,  its level would rise by a foot over a period of months.

Ray also noted that there is a pipe or culvert that is in disrepair - if it collapses, the entire lake could drain. He was asked to follow up on these concerns and report back.

The Treasury gained $300 from sale of ads in the Business Directory, and $150 from the sale of donated items at the last Garage Sale.

Three new winners were selected for Yard of the Month.

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 9, 7 p.m.


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