Report from Chairman Bill

Residents of Lake Sarasota:
We had a very interesting and informative meeting Tuesday evening.
The meeting was attended by a high ranking officer from the sheriff's department.  Captain Pelfery attended and took the time to explain some of the things that his office is doing to help decrease crime in Lake Sarasota.
The 2 biggest problems we have are vehicle burglaries and home burglaries.  Captain Pelfery strongly suggests that we do not leave our cars unlocked and that we do not leave anything visible in our cars.  When thieves see something they can steal and sell, it only takes them a few seconds to break into our cars and steal our possessions.  He also stressed the importance of keeping our garage doors closed when we are not in the garage.  OPEN GARAGE DOORS ARE AN INVITATION TO BURGLARS!!!
Captain Pelfery commited to having an officer at our next meeting, (June 9th) to listen to our concerns and explain what the sheriff's department is doing about them.  PLEASE TRY AND ATTEND!
We had a treasury report given by Ellie Himes.
We selected 3. new homes for the Yard Of The Month Program.  Please take the time to nominate homes that you feel deserve the award.  You can nominate a yard by calling Renee Pitts at 371-3988 or emailing her at
The change to the Mauna Loa entrance to Lake Sarasota will be made soon.  We will be getting a divider that we hope will help prevent accidents at the corner.  Our flag pole will be moved back to the next median.
The pump at Lakeview Park will not be turned on until the "rainy season" begins.  This is due to the fact that some residents on the lake complained to the county that the level of water in their lake would go down significantly when the pump is turned on.  We believe this is not true, but the county will still not allow the pump to be turned on until the rains start.
The Lake Sarasota Business Directory is done and will be distributed shortly.  It is well done and will clearly be helpful to residents needing services provided by their neighbors. PLEASE USE THE DIRECTORY AND SUPPORT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESSES!
As you can tell, many important topics were discussed at our meeting.
Bill Pitts
Lake Sarasota Community Group


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